Suction and wiper robots make the housework a lot easier, and here are the top 5 cleaning robots for 2019!

Vacuum Cleaners have been making the lives of many housewives and men easier for a while now. Also Wiping Robot have already held at some entry. For those who can not decide or just want more, there is the 2-in-1 : The Suction and Wipe Robot . Here is a summary of all the advantages, disadvantages, and the Top 5 Suction Wiper Robot 2019 of our Test Comparison .

Suction and Wiping Robot: The Cleaning Robots at a Glance

The goal of every vacuum and wiping robot is to keep the floor clean in living quarters . It is about valuable time savings because who still comes today to clean up daily? It is important that the differences of floor coverings such as carpet, tiles, parquet etc. are taken into account. For example, if the parquet floor in the home is not sealed, a wiper robot may cause the wood to swell with too much water and cause damage .

Differences in the various vacuum wiper robots exist particularly in terms of battery power sensor technology water tank and control facility . So there are cleaning robots that "only" clean with a damp cloth and which actually wipe with water, brush and detergent. There are suction and wiping robots that drive around the area more or less haphazardly without sensors, and there are devices that use laser infrared or ultrasound can create accurate plans of the rooms.

In general, the pros and cons of modern vacuum wiper robots are as follows.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Suction Wiper Robots:

Advantages of the increasingly popular suction and wiping robots:

  • Labor and time savings through daily basic cleaning
  • Good cleaning performance on flat and hard floors
  • Lower water consumption than normal wiping
  • Mostly quieter than conventional vacuum cleaners
  • Often convenient on-the-go control via app
  • Cheaper than a weekly / monthly cleaning lady

Disadvantages of suction wiper robots:

  • Partly high consequential costs due to filter cloths & Co.
  • Not every robot is suitable for every ground
  • Missing sensors partly cause inefficiency
  • Partially quite expensive to buy

Top 5 Suction Wiping Robot in Test Comparison 2019

Choose the cleaning robot that suits you and your living space according to your needs . Take into account how large the areas to be cleaned and the textures of substrates are – what battery power is the minimum for you? Consider whether it should be a suction and wiping robot with water tank or only with a wipe. What help in the household do you expect from your new cleaning robot? With our Test Comparison and the Top 5 Suction Wiper Robot 2019 you are well advised.

1.) Proscenic 811GB WLAN vacuum robot with wiping function

 Proscenic suction wiper robot "width =" 308 "height =" 303 "/><p class= The Proscenic suction and wiper robot.

The cleaning robot with suction and wiper function by Proscenic has a 0.6 l dust container and a 240 ml water tank . With a height of 7.9 cm the device easily comes under sofas, beds and cupboards – that alone is a tremendous relief. The suction wiper robot can be controlled via the Proscenic Robotic Smartphone App which is available for iOS and Android, as well as via the Amazon Alexa Voice Control . If the device is connected to the Internet, it can therefore be instructed from anywhere to clean the home. Areas that the cleaning robot should not clean for various reasons can be identified as such by means of a magnetic tape boundary .

Other interesting facts about the Proscenic Suction and Wiping Robot: Anti-collision Sensor, Anti-crash Sensor, Low Noise, Automatic Charge Schedules adjustable, adjustable suitable for hard floor and carpet – for allergy sufferers and households with pets. The cleaning time is possible up to 140 minutes a charge lasts 4-6 hours . You can buy it from approx. 240 € which is all in all a fair offer.

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

2.) MEDION vacuum robot with wiping function MD 18501

The suction and wiping robot MD 18501 from MEDION.

This device for wiping and vacuuming from MEDION is equipped with a 0.3 l dust container and a water tank for wet cleaning with a mop. The cleaning robot can be controlled via a remote control which comes with batteries included. Also the classic start by push of a button is possible. Unclean areas can be demarcated using Virtual Wall . The suction wiper robot has various sensors that protect against collisions and falls in the home. The height of the device is 8 cm .

Further facts at a glance: Purge with 65 dB automatic return to the charging station programmable suitable for hard floors [19459007Carpet Tiles and Laminate . Also, Animal Hair can be easily removed. The battery life is up to 90 minutes a recharge needs around 4.5 hours . A room planning does not take place, which can be perceived as a disadvantage – the price of about 200 € however, is all the more attractive.

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

3.) ILIFE V5s Pro Vacuum robot with wiping function

 ILIFE Suction and Wiping Robot "width =" 338 "height =" 338 "/><p class= The ILIFE Suction and Wiping Robot.

The V5s Suction Wiper Robot from ILIFE Robot has a 0.3 l dust container and a 0.3 l water tank . This cleaning robot is also controllable via a remote control . In total, 13 infrared and fall sensors provide security in the home – by scanning the environment the robot simply and safely navigates past chair legs and other furniture. Scratch marks are avoided by Distance and Fall Protection Sensors . The height of the V5 suction and wiper robot is 8.3 cm the cleaning robot has a 3-stage cleaning system . Another plus for allergy sufferers is the two-stage filter system with washable particle filter screen.

Other facts: The volume amounts to 60 dB automatic return to the charging station possible time control suitable for hard floors Laminate Tiles Granite Parquet and others. The maximum cleaning time amounts to 120 minutes a recharging takes 4-5 hours . There is a lot of power for the great price of approx. 210 € !

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

4.) Ecovacs Robotics Deebot Ozmo 930 Suction and Wiping Robot

 Ecovacs Deebot Suction and Wiper Robot "width =" 363 "height =" 373 "/><p class= The Deebot Suction and Wiper Robot from Ecovacs.

This Suction and Wiper Robot from the manufacturer Ecovacs is characterized by a large 0.47 l dust container and a 0.3 l water tank . In addition, the cleaning robot recognizes the difference between hard floors and carpets, so that fluffy surfaces are cleaned with double suction . The suction wiper robot is controllable via a app and via the Alexa voice control . In addition, firmware updates can be loaded quickly and easily, keeping the robot effortlessly up to date. The model is higher than some others with 10.2 cm but in return it is e.g. equipped with an efficient, laser-based navigation function .

Other Facts: Volume of 65 dB Automatic Loading and Resumption of Cleaning, suitable for Carpet – and Hard floors any limitations added. The cleaning time is approximately 110 minutes it will require 4 hours for recharging. Price priced this cleaning robot with approx. 535 € certainly in the upper price range, but he is also really equipped very well .

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

5.) PREUP vacuum cleaner robot with wiping function

 PREUP Suction and Wiping Robot "width =" 383 "height =" 342 "/><p class= The PREUP Suction and Wiping Robot.

This Suction Wiper Robot of our Top 5, is the cheapest model of the test comparison. Nevertheless, the device has a 0.6 l dust container and a water tank . The cleaning robot is 8.5 cm high, which may be too high for some furniture and couches, but is still in the frame. Despite the low price, the robot works with sensors to avoid crashes and collisions – thanks to Space Detection the best route can be chosen. The suction and wiping robot from PREUP can be operated by means of a remote control . Carpets and other items should be removed as a precaution before cleaning.

Additional information at a glance: The volume amounts to 60 dB automatic return to the charging station suitable for hard floors such as laminate , Tiles granite and parquet there are 4 cleaning modes . The cleaning robot manages up to 120 minutes cleaning at one go. The price amounts to approx. 170 € .

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

The conclusion on suction and wiping robots as domestic help

Whether in terms of the equipment of our Top 5, or with regard to other suction wiper robots, one thing is certain: These are little helpers that really make life easier. It is also important, however, that it is clear that the cleaning robots do not completely remove the Cleaning . Especially sticky or stuck dirt must be removed in most cases also by hand . Nevertheless, the devices are wonderfully suited to provide for the daily basic cleanliness . Above all, the control options on a app are practical – whether necessary or not must and may decide for each one.

We find it good that the vast majority of suction and wiping robots are bagless which saves a lot of money. However, what should be clearly stated again: The most needed Wipes for wet cleaning must be replaced again and again and therefore reordered. Price wise, everyone should weigh what the Maid is worth – cheaper than a weekly cleaning lady is such a small robot anyway!

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