There has been a great deal of amazement in social media in recent days: many Amazon customers in the United States reported receiving an Amazon package even though they had not ordered anything. But this is not a mistake of the online retailer, but it is a special form of marketing. Amazon itself speaks of "sampling" – which in German can be roughly translated as "tasting". The principle should be familiar to most from the offline trade. So in many supermarkets there are always small stalls, where certain products can be tasted. However, an online retailer like Amazon does not have this direct customer contact – which is why the detour via the parcel carrier must be taken.

An Algorithm Merges Customer and Tasting

Or to put it another way: Because customers receive all goods from Amazon, the products are also delivered for free tasting in this way. Of course, the costs are much higher than in stationary trade. However, Amazon also has significantly more data about its own customers. The free products are not randomly sent, but an algorithm tries to find the people who can do it the most. So if a new type of coffee is to be marketed, it is likely that this is mainly sent to customers who have also regularly bought coffee on Amazon in the past. Because then the likelihood is highest that the actual tasting will trigger a purchase.

The costs are borne by the manufacturers

The use of these data, however, the Group can pay. Because the shipping of free products funded by no means Amazon, but the underlying manufacturers. In the case of the above-mentioned coffee so the grocer. The latter, in turn, can then use the newly gained data – for example to analyze which target group the campaign was particularly successful at. Completely without warning the products will not be sent. On the American website of the online retailer is a short note on sampling. If you do not want to receive free product samples, you can also mark this in your profile. So far, the sampling is limited to the United States. Whether similar actions are planned in Germany is not yet known.

Via: Wiwo

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