The production of the Tesla Model 3 made headlines again and again last year. Company boss Elon Musk even spoke of the "production hell". But now the problems are largely resolved and the new midsize car is produced in large quantities. The individual processes also seem to have been optimized to such an extent that the Group has now published a first video of it. A camera was installed in the back of the body to record the entire production process. But because the production of a car takes a long time, the video was finally released in fast motion. In just 49 seconds you can gain a rough overview of the processes.

Human resources replaced part of the robot

Particularly interesting: right at the beginning, one employee waves into the camera and numerous other human resources can be seen in the further production steps. This has to do with a change in the course of the company. Because even in October 2017 Musk released a video, were seen on the extremely fast-working robot. He dreamed of fully automated production to keep costs down. But a few months later he had to admit: The technology did not work too often as planned. Many robots were therefore dismantled and replaced by more reliable human resources. The measure shows success: between 5,000 and 7,000 Tesla Model 3 per week meanwhile come off the production line, so that the waiting list for potential buyers at least will not be longer.

Customers in Europe are now to be served

A total of 146,000 mid-size cars were delivered by Tesla in 2018. Initially, however, only customers in the United States were served. This will change now. The configurator with which the order can be finalized has now also been activated for some European countries. Initially, however, only in states with legal traffic. So potential buyers in the UK must continue to be patient. In the United States, the electric car maker will also have to cope with changing conditions in the future. For example, tax relief for buyers of emission-free cars will disappear this year. To compensate for this, Tesla has lowered prices. However, this measure was not well received by the stock market analysts. They fear for the profit margin of the group.

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