The capsule principle should be familiar to most of the coffee maker. Different flavors can be purchased and then processed in a special machine to the desired beverage. The Korean company LG has also transferred this approach to the process of brewing beer. A corresponding device called Homebrew was presented at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. However, beer connoisseurs will know that production is not as fast as coffee. Rather, it takes around two weeks to produce five liters of beer. Depending on which type of beer you want to brew, you have to use different capsules and spice cylinders. These can conveniently be bought in a set. Initially, LG already has five different beers on offer: India Pale Ale (IPA), American Pale Ale, Stout, Witbier and Pils.

Image: LG

An algorithm provides the right temperature

However, the preparations are already a bit more complex than when making coffee. Thus, at the beginning of various containers with water, malt, yeast and hop flavors must be filled. Then you have to select a capsule and a cylinder. Whether the drink actually tastes at the end, every user will have to decide for themselves. LG guarantees but at least that the brewing process runs smoothly. Responsible for this is a fermentation algorithm that controls the temperature and the pressure within the brewing machine so that the desired processes are set in motion. After the two-week brewing phase, the beer can then be easily removed. The homebrew then cleans by itself using warm water and hot air. So at least nobody who wakes up with a hangover the next day has to clean the brewing machine as well.

Pricing has not been communicated yet

It is still unclear when LG will bring the device to market. At the presentation in Las Vegas, however, it was made clear that it is indeed a product for the end customer. Above all, the group wants to focus on the growing scene of the home brewery. Whether the homebrew but a bestseller, should depend mainly on the price. Looking around in the field of coffee capsules, it is not unlikely that the brewing equipment is offered comparatively cheap – and the beer capsules for it are all the more expensive. But this is still a pure speculation. In addition, LG is likely to face another problem in Germany: the use of hop oil to aromatize the brew is difficult to reconcile with the German Purity Law.

Via: Venture Beat

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