So far, all data has argued that the desert areas of the earth will expand even further in the future. This is a valuable area for nature and man lost! But maybe we can reverse this effect and at least regain the Sahara. Solar and wind power plants would be an ideal aid to implementing this plan, researchers from the University of Illinois with complicated climate models found.

By NASA – Cropped from Image: Africa satellite plane.jpg., Public domain, Link

Power supply for two large regions possible

The Sahara has long been targeted by scientists, because it would produce excellent green power there. The desert is located in the vicinity of the approaching East and not so far from Europe, so we could provide two booming regions with growing energy needs. But what further effects would the use of the Sahara as an electricity supplier have? Previous research has shown that the production of green electricity in the sandy desert would lead to further warming. No good news, as we find! However, the studies at that time largely ignored the development of wind and rain, which the research team led by Yan Li has now made up for.

Up to 1.2 millimeters more rain per day

And at this point it gets interesting: The scientists assumed that wind and solar power plants were built in the Sahara, bringing it together to an average power of 79 terawatts. That's over four times more than the total humanity consumed in 2017. In the computer model, the already known warming close to the ground took place immediately, but with a greater increase in the minimum values ​​instead of the maximum temperatures. Affected were 9 million square kilometers of surface in the Sahara and the Sahel. At the same time, however, rainfall in the Sahara rose by an average of a quarter of a millimeter per day, and the Sahelian zone even received 1.2 millimeters more rain. This would provide for significantly increased plant growth, thus automatically greening the desert. And that would create a new cycle that would naturally lead to cooling, more rain and a green ex-desert. Sounds like a dream? Perhaps. But it's one of the kind that can come true.


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