Drones will play an increasingly important role in the future. And not just in the consumer sector. Drones also have enormous potential for professional applications. A company from the US has now developed a technology that allows the small flying objects to remain in the air for almost an infinite amount of time.

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Wireless charging for several drones at the same time

The company is called Global Energy Transmission (GET) and has developed a method to charge drones using an electromagnetic field in flight. The system consists of a bottom loading station and a circular array of approximately 10 meter diameter wire lines. A drone equipped with a special antenna is charged when it is within range of the electromagnetic field generated by the wires. The drone can be supplied with enough energy for 30 minutes of flight time within 8 minutes – the electromagnetic field can transmit up to 12 kilowatts of energy. In addition, if required, several drones can be loaded at the same time. The fun is not cheap. The charging station and two special drones, each capable of carrying seven kilos of payload, cost about $ 120,000.

The applications for this technology are enormous. For example, drones can stay in the air indefinitely for filming or live broadcasting of sporting events. It would also be possible to build multiple charging stations at a greater distance so that the drones can cover a large area without having to land.

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