Smart Home technologies are on everyone's lips and meanwhile there are many ways that especially existing households can be retrofitted . One of many variants is the WLAN light switch . It also makes it possible to easily control fixed electrical system via app. Also with Amazon Alexa and Google Home more and more models are compatible, in some cases up to 3 terminals can be connected to a Wifi switch. In our Comparison 2019 we present you the current TOP 5 Smart Home Light Switch .

WiFi Light Switch as Smart Home System

The operation of smart home light switches is similar to that of wireless wall outlets: Existing appliances in the home, which by themselves can not be controlled by app, are smart with the Home System connected and are thus on the way from controllable . The intelligent light switches make it possible to retrofit the home quickly with relatively low costs .

Connecting a WLAN light switch

The smart home light switches are connected to the flush-mounted sockets instead of the usual light switches . For electrical installations of this kind, it is generally recommended to consult a specialist electrician . It is important that the voltage is taken off the line before the retrofitting starts. The WiFi switch must be connected to the neutral and outer conductor which are to be tightened as usual. In order to be able to install the intelligent light switch flush-mounted, it is helpful if you pay attention to the fitting size for your home when you buy it. With the appropriate diameter, the WiFi light switch is quickly installed in the cavity wall box and the Smart Home socket networked .

 Smart Home "width =" 620 "height =" 439 "/><p class= WLAN light switches are a great way to quickly and cost-effectively transform your home into a smart home.

Smart home control light switch via app

The practical thing about smart home systems in general is the flexible control of on the way so also with WLAN light switches. After installing the intelligent light switch, the appropriate app can be downloaded. Normally, a user account is created there before pairing can take place to the WiFi light switch. To do this, press the light switch for about 5 seconds until the WLAN icon lights up. Subsequently, the smart home light switch can be connected to the WLAN Home so that control over an app is possible.

Google Home & Alexa Light Switch

Of course, smart home devices, which can also be controlled via a handsfree are particularly practical in use. In fact, many WiFi outlets on the market are already compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home . The smart socket is e.g. connected to the speaker via the Alexa app . To do this, log in to the eWeLink account and add the appropriate WLAN socket as a new device with a matching name . By naming this name, the desired light can be turned on, for example, by the call command "Alexa: activate the desk lamp."

The 5 Best Wireless Light Switch 2019 In Comparison

. 1 Smart light switch from AOLVO

 Aolvo Smart Light Switch "width =" 346 "height =" 298 "/><p class= The Alexa Smart Light Switch from AOLVO.

The Smart Home Light Switch from AOLVO is with approx. € 20 attractively priced, with its high-quality crystal glass touchscreen, it is also beautiful plain and both Amazon Alexa and via Google Tool controllable. The app can also be used to store schedules via smartphone or tablet. Good to know: the model of AOLVO only works on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network not over 5G. The Alexa light switch can be connected directly to the WLAN, it is fireproof and durable. It is important to know that a Neutral is required for the installation. Especially for testing of smart home systems, this WiFi switch is definitely a good option .

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

. 2 Alexa WiFi light switch from GREMAG

 Gremag Wifi light switch "width =" 268 "height =" 352 "/><p class= The Alexa Wifi light switch from GREMAG ..

The WiFi Smart Switch from GREMAG with two switching gears costs approx. 24 € and makes it in our test comparison in the good midfield . The light switch can be controlled via Amazon Alexa and Google Home via voice commands. A app for controlling or using the timing function there is free to download. A neutral line is necessary for the installation, the installation is best carried out by a trained electrician. Of course, the Alexa switch can also be switched manually, a hub is not possible for this single to buy light switch. So here too it is a good opportunity to make the home a little smarter without much (cost) effort.

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

. 3 Wifi Smart Light Switch from Luminea Home Control

 Luminea Home Control Wifi Light Switch "width =" 336 "height =" 317 "/><p class= The Luminea Home Control Smart Home Light Switch.

Luminea Home Control 's Wifi Smart Alexa Light Switch is controllable in addition to Amazon Alexa also with the Google Assistant – finally, the operation via voice control, app or direct contact is possible. The switch is compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi . For approx. 23 € there is a plastic model with a nice tempered glass button. A plus of this model is the dimming function for even more control possibilities. The connection is 3-wire, as with many other Wifi light switches requires a Neutral for mounting.

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

. 4 Hama WLAN light switch

 Hama Wifi Light Switch "width =" 233 "height =" 314 "/><p class= The Smart Light Switch from Hama.

The Hama WiFi light switch of our test comparison 2019 has two switching gears and is priced at approx. 25 € . The intelligent light switch has a timer function is ideal for retrofitting and by app also on the way controlled. In addition, switching by voice command to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is possible. The timeless design of the glass surface of the Wifi Smart Light Switch, which can be unobtrusively integrated into living rooms, also appeals to this WiFi light switch very well. A Neutral is also required to install this Wifi light switch.

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

. 5 Sonoff WiFi Smart Light Switch by yunlink

 yunlink Wifi Light Switch "width =" 253 "height =" 287 "/><p class= The yunlink Wifi Light Switch

For about 26 € yunlink already has a WLAN light switch with 2 switching paths so it can be used for example. two lamps are controlled via the intelligent light switch. The light switch is compatible with Amazon Alexa . Of course, the light can also be switched on and off as usual by pressing the switch, a glass touch screen . The model has up to 8 timing functions so that the light can be set automatically, for example, at dusk. The yunlink Wifi light switch is waterproof and helps to save energy. The switch is suitable for iOS and Android. Overall, the WiFi Light Switch is a fair offer with good performance .

All information without guarantee. Prices may have changed in the meantime.

Conclusion: controlling light switches via app for a smart home for small money

If you are new in the near future, you probably do not need a single WiFi light switch, but you better choose a complete system for your smart home. However, the models presented are perfectly suited for fast and low-cost retrofits in older homes and apartments. For example, the intelligent light switches are a good alternative to smart light bulbs which at the latest in LEDs are reaching their limits. The advantage of WLAN light switches is that they can be used in classic way and the circuit via App is the special addition. If you want to be able to install a smart home device that is very very simple you should consider whether you are not better served with a WLAN socket depending on your needs.

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