RiPPLE Research

RiPPLE Research has now shifted focus from short-term research themes in the three focal regions of Ethiopia, to two long-term action research studies (LARS): Growth and Access. Our original three research themes on Governance and Planning and Financing of water supply and sanitation, and the links between water and sanitation services and pro-poor Growth, have built the foundation upon which the LARS - Growth and Access - now sit.

Water into money, Money into Water 


Evolution of Research

Initial scoping visits to the three regions highlighted research areas of interest, which were followed up in a series of case studies undertaken by RiPPLE researchers together with Learning and Practice Alliances ((LPAs) in each region. Regional and woreda LPAs are now driving the research direction according to local priorities and demand, as RiPPLE moved into long-term action research studies across the three regions. Ownership of the research will still lie with stakeholders in each region.

RiPPLE's research approach is "Action Research" – research which is geared towards practical action to improve water and sanitation services, and which involves stakeholders in the research and learning process from the beginning. Communications activities and capacity building will thus be integral to the research process.

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