RiPPLE outputs 

A significant component of RiPPLE's work was the sharing and disseminating of RiPPLE's findings.  RiPPLE produced various outputs to inform and influence debates within the WASH sector.

Below is the list of types of outputs that RiPPLE published between 2006 and 2011.

Briefing Papers

  Briefing Papers present a summary of key findings, research conclusions and policy recommendations from RiPPLE


  Infosheets are one-page summaries introducing key aspects of RiPPLE.

Meeting Reports

  Meeting Reports present the summaries of discussions and meetings and various RiPPLE-hosted events


RiPPLE Newsletters keep you up to date on current and upcoming activities, and feature articles of interest on WASH issues and stories from the field. 


RiPPLE posters are visualisations of research findings which use maps, photos, graphs and other illustrations with accompanying explanatory text, to present the findings clearly to a wide audience. 

Syntheses and Research Reports

RIPPLE Synthesis Papers take forward case study findings from a RiPPLE research theme, by providing further analysis and offering sound policy recommendations.
RIPPLE Research Reports present findings from research conducted with RiPPLE partners, with analysis and insights into specific aspects of water supply and sanitation.


Toolkits are “how-to” guides for implementing some of RiPPLE’s practical recommendations. They include supporting case study examples.

Working Papers

RiPPLE Working Papers contain research questions, methods, preliminary analysis and discussion of research results (from case studies or desk research). They are intended to stimulate debate on policy implications of research findings as well as feed into Long-term Action Research.

Miscellaneous Outputs

RiPPLE's miscellaneous outputs hold other papers that do not form a part of a RiPPLE series. Examples include concept papers and background papers.

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