East Harerge zone, Oromia

With a population of 26.6 million, 36% of the country's total, Oromia is one of the largest regions in Ethiopia. The majority of people in Oromia (87%) live in rural areas, both arable and pastoral (2006 estimates).  The region covers an area of 368,400 km2, about 33% of the total land in Ethiopia.  Because of it's huge size, RiPPLE's activities are currently focused in East Harerge Zone in the eastern part of the region.

Addis Ababa, also called Finfine (its original name in Oromo language), is the capital of both the region and the country. The region consists of 19 zonal administrations and 289 woredas.

Major religions in Oromia include Orthodox Christian, Muslim and Protestant. The Oromo is the major ethnic group, and Oromiffa, the working language of the region, is spoken by over 80% of people. Many other ethnic groups are present including Amhara and Gurage.

Map of Oromia

Oromia is environmentally diverse, with significant agricultural and pastoral areas supporting the livelihoods of the majority of the population. It is a major producer of coffee. Though it has notable natural resources, parts of the region have been designated 'drought-prone' and 'food-insecure', with water availability being a key determinant of agricultural success and failure. A large number of NGOs are active in the region. 

A Regional Coordinator for Oromia is based at the regional office in Harar. Offices have also been established in the two focus woredas, Goro-gutu and Babile.

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