Budget processes

How can budget formulation, approval, implementation and monitoring be improved to tackle the problem of low utilisation of WASH budgets?

The Key question the budget process sub-LARS intends to address are:

  1. in how far are UAP targets relating to the water and sanitation sector reflected in Regional and Wereda budgets (formulation and approval process);
  2. assess which channels (Government, donors, NGOs) are most likely to allow effective use of funds by the sector;
  3. assess trends in budget allocation and utilisation for WSS by Regional and Wereda governments, what accounts for the particular trends, what are the bottlenecks and how can they be addressed;
  4. whether or not the budgeting process is participatory;
  5. how the budget, once approved, is actually utilised; and
  6. if and how the WSS budget output and outcome are monitored.

Page last updated 28 Aug 2009