RiPPLE’s Retreat Culminates Successfully

12 Jan 2014

RiPPLE’s Retreat Culminates Successfully

Participants Staff members at all levels and board members of RiPPLE (Research-inspired Policy and Practice Learning in Ethiopia) met on January 9, 2014, for a three-day retreat program in Bishoftu town, 45 kms south of Addis Ababa - Ethiopia. During the three days, they have deliberated on a host of issues, including institutional performance, planning and RiPPLE’s overall strategy.

Professor Belay Kassa,RiPPLE Board Memeber The first day session, facilitated by Prof. Belay Kassa- RiPPLE board member- was dedicated to a review of RiPPLE’s performance during the just ended year of 2013. Regional coordinators, project holders at head office and the Admin and Finance department made presentations that highlighted major achievements, challenges and lessons learnt in 2013. The presentations were followed by lively discussions by the participants.

Group discussions Day two was dedicated to deliberations on RiPPLE’s strategic plan in view of current trends and needs of the sector as RiPPLE is heading towards the 3rd year after evolving into a fully-fledged organization with a much more strengthened institutional and human resource capacity. Group discussions among staff were also part of this session. The breakout sessions were meant to critically examine and come up with a set of possible solutions that would address the challenges and bottlenecks which were previously identified and forwarded by RiPPLE staff and management. The exercise not only achieved its purpose, but also created the opportunity to further strengthen team spirit among staff members.

Ato Zemede Abebe, RiPPLE Board Memmber Discussions on RiPPLE's overall plan for 2014 were made on the third day. This session, facilitated by Zemede Abebe - another board member - aimed at ensuring a shared understanding of the planned activities and expected results.

Ato Takele Kassa, RiPPLE Executive Director Marking the conclusion of the three-day event, board members expressed their appreciation of RiPPLE’s achievements in 2013 commending the staff for their commitment which was demonstrated by the active participation and lively discussions witnessed throughout the sessions. They also expressed the board’s conviction in providing continued support and follow up to strengthen this young organization. RiPPLE’s Executive Director Ato Takelle Kassa, on his part and on behalf of the staff, thanked the board members for the role they played in achieving the objectives of the retreat.