RiPPLE Official Book Launching

24 Apr 2013

RiPPLE Officially Launched a New Book at the National Level

RiPPLE book A high level book launching ceremony was organized on Thursday, 11th of April 2013, by Research-inspired Policy and Practice Learning in Ethiopia /RiPPLE/ for its recently published book "Achieving Water Security - Lessons from research in water supply, sanitation and hygiene in Ethiopia". The book summarizes the findings and lessons learned from 5 years of extensive, rigorous research and engagement conducted by RiPPLE in collaboration with a team of several internationally acclaimed researchers.

RiPPLE Executive Director Deres Abdulkadir In his welcome address during the event RiPPLE Executive Director Deres Abdulkadir emphasized that the book was the result of a successful teamwork achieved through the collaboration of several institutions and the dedicated efforts of a number of individual experts over the 5 years of the RiPPLE program. Concerning the significance of the book to the sector, Deres said the book will "offer new insights on what it means to be ‘water secure' and how water security contributes to pro-poor development and climate adaptation, as well as the provision of concrete lessons on achieving this goal" . He also affirmed RiPPLE's commitment to maintain its effort through engagement in action research, knowledge generation, documentation and dissemination, policy engagement and capacity development.

Dr. John Butterworth, Country Director of the International Water and Sanitation Center (IRC)Dr. John Butterworth, Country Director of the International Water and Sanitation Center (IRC), and who was one of the researchers providing technical backstopping was also one of the speakers at the event and talked about the relevance of the book to the development of the water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) sector. Reminiscing from memories of the early days, Dr. Butterworth recalled some of the prevailing challenges as well as opportunities during those days when the RiPPLE programme was implemented. He also underlined the importance of the research topics covered during the five years as significant and highly relevant to the WaSH sector in Ethiopia.

His Excellency Alemayehu Tegenu, Minister of Water and EnergyHis Excellency Alemayehu Tegenu, Minister of Water and Energy was the guest of honor of the event. As well as offering some words of encouragement and guidance to all involved in the publication of the book, the Minister also said that the launching of this new book was a manifestation of RiPPLE's significant contribution towards the generation of knowledge to inform policy and practice to improve the delivery of water supply and sanitation services in the rural areas. Concerning his hopes for RiPPLE's future contribution, the minister said "As RiPPLE enters its next phase as independent organization, managed fully by Ethiopian staff, it can play a key role in supporting this effort: conducting high-quality research and providing evidence that helps extend and sustain access to water and sanitation services, and build a water-secure future for all Ethiopians".

Handing over of Certificates of Appreciation to the researchersThe event also witnessed a ceremony of handing over of Certificates of Appreciation to 15 of the researchers who contributed to the research activities of the RiPPLE programme in its 5 year period. However, it was also disclosed during the occasion that these 15 awardees were only a handful of the researchers who deserve similar recognition but due to time and logistical constraints, it was so arranged that RiPPLE will send out similar certificates of appreciation to the respective addresses of each of the more than 70 other researchers, wherever that might be.

Finally, the event was concluded by a visit by participants of the mini-exhibition which showcased an array of RiPPLE's differentMini-exhibition of RiPPLE's publications and other outputs outputs and publications. Even though the display primarily featured the 23 working papers produced during the RiPPLE programme, the display also included some of RiPPLE's most recent publications produced during the past one year of RiPPLE's existence as an independent local NGO.
Close to 70 delegates and dignitaries representing relevant government ministries, Civil Society Organizations, research and academic institutions, UN systems, diplomatic missions as well as donors attended the event.