New LG soundbars with voice control will be introduced in 2019 (photo: LG) "width =" 620 "height =" 465 "/><p class= New LG soundbars with voice control will be presented at the CES 2019 (Photo: LG )

LG introduces a new soundbar line-up at CES 2019. The premium model SL9 outperformed the competition in its category and received the coveted Best of Innovation award. In addition to the strong, clear and detailed sound in cooperation with Meridian, the new LG Soundbars offer AI-based Smart Connectivity and Speech Recognition with built-in Google Assistant.

Along with Meridian, LG continues to improve the sound of its soundbars, using the technology of British sound specialists in the three Soundbar models SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG . The collaboration with Meridian goes far beyond the introduction of new product features; Rather, both companies work together to develop a sound production for an incomparable listening experience. Meridian's Bass & Space technology is based on 25 years of experience as an expert in digital signal processing and enhances the surround sound with a coherent sound and powerful bass. Combined with its Image Elevation Technology which elevates the sound center to the top of the screen for an even more realistic and immersive surround sound experience, Meridian creates a true cinematic space with a strong, Unsurpassed surround sound.

Studio-quality sound

The new high-end soundbars from LG (Models SL10, SL9 du SL8) support Dolby Atmos and DTS-X . With these two recognized technologies, users can benefit from exceptionally realistic surround sound that seems to come from multiple directions and depths. In addition, some of the new LG Premium Soundbars support High Resolution Audio and use a sophisticated processing algorithm that can scale-up conventional file formats to the level of studio-quality sound. To further enhance the solid sound output and detailed sound of the latest LG Soundbars, users can create a highly realistic cinematic experience with the separately sold Wireless Rear Speaker Kit (model SPK 8).

Simple Voice Commands

In addition to a strong, clear and detailed sound, all new LG Soundbars provide AI Smart Connectivity and Voice Recognition with built-in Google Assistant. Thus, the LG Soundbars can be operated by simple voice commands, z. For example, "Hey Google, increase volume" or "Hey Google, who's singing?". Compatible with other Google Assistant-enabled smart products, home-connected home appliances can also be conveniently controlled from the couch via voice command via the soundbar. For example, "Hey Google, turn on LG Air Purifier." With their sleek, minimalist design, the LG Soundbars of the 2019 Portfolio are the perfect complement to the LG OLED TVs. The 57mm deep soundbars can be placed under the TV or mounted on the wall to save space.

Prices and availability

Further details on the launch and pricing of LG's new high-end sound bars are expected to be announced in January 2019 .

Video: Impressions of the new LG Soundbars


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