Need For Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 edition was released in June 2012. After the success of its previous version, it was relaunched with improved game features. It is the nineteenth game in the Need for Speed series. Most wanted is available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It is also available on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

It received many positive feedbacks from the gamers around the world. Its gameplay and features were praised by them, and due to this, the game won several awards for being the best driving game. It was also nominated for the best British game and won the 2013 BAFTA award. It was also awarded as the best racing game by many game outlets. It remained the best-selling game for a long time.

This game has an open world set up in which the player can interact with the game according to his will. It includes different gameplay as the previous Most Wanted. There are different game events like sprint races, circuit races and the best of all is the Ambush races in which the player has to evade the cops surrounding him. The cops have implanted barriers and vehicles to stop and arrest the player.

It features a list of 10 top most wanted racers like the blacklist in the previous version. When a player from the list loses a race, his car is confiscated and added to the player’s roster while he destroys that car. The main map in this game is of a new visualized city called Fairhaven. The gameplay of this game resembles with the gameplay of Burnout.

Need for Speed Most wanted is loaded with high-resolution graphics. Top cars of the world are included in the vehicles of this game. Other than this, it has improved ad best controls, which make this game more valuable.


4.1 and up

File Size

19 MB

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Geneva, Switzerland


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