On average, every German spends a full 3.5 hours a day watching TV! There are probably some persistent gluttons here in the country who distort our statistics in such a way, but there is still a lot of air between "not looking at all" and "not switching off at all". What speaks for throwing the TV out of the booth?

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Our decision support for you!

Who knows, you may even be one of the most televised people who, as you can hear, are currently becoming more and more. Or you still with your decision and can not quite separate yourself from the telly. In the second case we would like to relieve you, because the following 7 reasons sound very convincing!

7 good reasons to disconnect from the TV set

    1. Watching TV is a passive occupation that your brain rarely uses. We often do not even question what we see.
    2. Passivity causes laziness and lack of motivation. The more often you look into the telly, the more enjoyment of life is taken away from you.
    3. You remain motionless, the source of most civilization diseases. If you walk for only 20 minutes instead, you are doing a lot of good for your health!
    4. The TV often occupies a prominent place in the living room. This room was supposed to be a place of communication and socializing, but the TV simply stifles many conversations.
    5. Television suggests you to be in company while you are truly lonely. This can lead to loneliness without you realizing it.
    6. Many television programs emphasize the negative, foment prejudice and pretend and create an artificial reality. They can make us depressed or aggressive and sensitively disturb our sensibility.
    7. Always advertising! It always wakes new wishes, whether conscious or unconscious, and gives us the feeling of not living a full life. At the same time, consumption does not make us happy at all, but it keeps us from the truly sustainable sources of happiness.

Source: smarticular.net

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