LG Signature OLED TV R: R stands for rollable. (Photo: LG)

With the launch of the world's first roll-up OLED screen, LG Electronics (LG) intends to usher in the next generation of TVs at CES 2019 and continue the trend towards unobtrusive placement of large televisions. The Rollable TV is definitely an eye-catcher.

LG Electronics (LG) Rollable TV with the model designation 65R9 is not only a demonstration of engineering, but also offers a picture and sound quality that is second to none. The new TV presents itself in a form that offers spectators at home a variety of options to make their TV room unobtrusive or to liberate hotel rooms from powerful TV monitors.

Since the introduction of flat-panel displays, screen diagonals of televisions have steadily grown as consumers desire an increasingly impressive viewing experience. As a result, a large black area dominated the living room when the TV was off. In order to make large television less conspicuous manufacturers have sought to provide slimmer screens with minimal frames and unobtrusive design e.g. to develop in the form of a painting.

The "R" stands for rolling at LG

LG's latest development takes the quest for low-key design to the next level: the company has created a TV with a display that appears as if by magic and disappears again – a revolutionary innovation that defies logic seems. The "R" in the new LG Signature OLED TV R stands for "Rollable".

Amazon Alexa & Apple AirPlay 2

Full View offers a large-screen viewing experience in 65 inches (165 centimeters screen diagonal). The image and sound quality provided by LG's second-generation intelligent Alpha-9 processor and deep learning algorithms make the retractable TV a class of its own. Users can now also give commands to Amazon Alexa via voice command – a novelty in LG's 2019 product portfolio. Also new is support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit . With Apple HomeKit support, customers can control the TV via the Home app or Siri.

Video: LG SIGNATURE rollable OLED TV R


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