We announced it a few days ago: The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show is traditionally used to showcase the latest and greatest TVs. So also this year. This time, the Korean manufacturer LG was able to attract a lot of attention. One of the reasons: The engineers of the group have succeeded in constructing a roll-up television. In operation, the device looks like a normal 65-inch TV. The special feature starts, however, as soon as the off button is pressed. Then the screen completely disappears into the wooden box underneath. The trick: The screen is not simply driven down, but rolled up to save space.

Picture: LG

the price is in the premium range

In this way, room design opens up completely new possibilities. Because there is no need to be taken into account on the often placed at a central location TV. This only appears when it is actually needed. So far, however, the product presented by LG is still a prototype. It is therefore still unclear how much the device will ultimately cost. The company itself, however, settled the new development in the premium sector. The technology for the end customer should not be really cheap. Nevertheless, it is an interesting example of how the new technology of rollable displays and screens can also be meaningfully used in the area of ​​televisions. The launch of a market-ready product will be completed later this year.

The TV can be rolled in and out 50,000 times

According to the company, the TV can cope with around 50,000 roll operations without major problems. This would probably be more than adequate for most users: If the device is used twice a day, you will only be able to reach the specified number of scrolling cycles after more than 68 years. Already well before that, however, the purchase of a new device is expected anyway. Because the last few years have shown that customers in Germany are regularly enthusiastic about even larger television screens. So the average screen diagonal has increased in the last twenty years from 22 inches to proud 45 inches. An end to this development is currently not in sight.

Via: The Verge

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