INFINITI wants to unveil its new QX Inspiration Concept at the 2019 North American International Auto Show. / Credit: Infiniti

Electric vehicles will be more and more on the market in the future, in view of climate change certainly not a bad idea. Even the Infiniti QX Inspiration is a car that relies on an electric drive and at least looks very interesting.

Infiniti QX Inspiration presented as Concept

However, the new Infiniti model also has to be informed that it is only a concept . For this reason, it is not certain that we will actually see the Infiniti QX Inspiration in the form shown so far.

But it would not be the first time we've seen an electric car that's almost conceptually one to one. Too many information on QX Inspiration is not yet known, it is definitely a electric SUV with a wicked-looking front.

More information on NAIAS 2019

In addition, the design reminds quite a bit of the Range Rover Evoque which comes as a lifestyle SUV with small, elongated windows, but looks accordingly sleek. There are also massive doors and huge rims.

Credit: Infiniti

That so far hardly any information is known, is not further tragic, because for NAIAS 2019 there are corresponding official details to find. Already on January 14, Infiniti has a presentation at the Detroit Auto Show 2019 ready for the new information to be published.

Electric SUVs as a Future Standard?

Then hopefully features such as engine performance, battery and much more will be communicated. Of course, set the trap that Infiniti actually plans to implement the concept and not just tell what a possible vision of the future is.

In general, the trend is probably more and more in the direction of electric SUVs. On the one hand, SUVs are becoming increasingly popular because of their size and comfort, but on the other hand, electric cars are also becoming more and more popular – a suitable mix therefore seems ideal.

Source: Infiniti via New Atlas

Article, Pictures in the article: Infiniti


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