That looks a lot different than our usual housing estates! The images that reach us from the Dutch engineering office of Theo Salet seem inspiring and exciting. They show houses in imaginative forms, without corners and edges, but exceptionally nicely rounded. A bit reminds us of strikingly designed beehives. The buildings together form a whole settlement.

This is how the settlement looks like from the 3-D printer / Photo: Screenshot from Youtube video s.u.

First a prototype is created in the Eindhoven University of Technology

Until now, none of these buildings have become reality, but as early as the summer of 2019, the first of them is to take shape in Eindhoven. First, however, the 3-D printer in the university laboratory of the Eindhoven University of Technology is staked to create a one-storey house with 100 square meters of living space. Then only the actual housing development starts on the reserved land, larger and hopefully absolutely weatherproof. The latter is still to be tested in nature, but the designers are confident.

Converting individual blueprints with the 3-D printer

Engineer Theo Salet even speaks of a "democratization of building" when talking about his ambitious project. Finally, the printer works extremely variable, it can be fed again and again with data to realize individual plans. In addition, completely new designs, for example, with rounded showers, which can be cleaned much better, just because they have no hard to reach corners more. With the 3-D printer, home builders get almost a free hand when it comes to implementing their wishes and ideas. Only the laws of nature of statics then stop them.

Heavy physical labor is no longer necessary

Construction workers have had their day at such construction sites; the robot takes over all their functions. But Salet tries to emphasize that new jobs are being created around printer maintenance that are less physically demanding. The new settlement will surely be an extraordinary place of residence, the first of its kind, which will be followed by many more. Each of them a dazzling unique.

Watching the Engineer's Finger in the Video: Here's how it works!


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