Credit: Asaf Kliger / Design: Martina Eriksson & Stephanie Knödler

The Internet has ensured that even unknown places are exposed to much greater attention than ever before. The Icehotel Sweden however, was already known before, after all, it is now 29 years old.

Icehotel 2019 has reopened

Year after year, the hotel's owners innovate, though the concept stays the same: it's a hotel made of ice, which is accordingly cold but also special. However, every year new sculptures are incorporated into the ice, which then once again represent a special feature.

Credit: Asaf Kliger / Design: Tommy Alatalo

These sculptures are then specially made in individual rooms, but there are also rooms that look the same all year round. This applies on the one hand to cold rooms and warm rooms, which are also to be found in the Icehotel in the Swedish Jukkasjärvi .

Sweden invites to a cold night

The sculptures currently and permanently located in the Icehotel, were the responsibility of artists from 34 different countries who have done truly impressive work. In each room, the love for the detail can be seen, one highlight follows the next.

Credit: Asaf Kliger / Design: Edith Van de Wetering & Wilfred Stijger

The Icehotel 2019 comes up with some new sculptures that can definitely cause a stir, including an old VW Bully carved into the ice. So if you want a special hotel, the Eishotel in Sweden can definitely add it to the list.

New Sculptures and Accommodation Options

The new sculptures are from December 2018 to 13. April 2019 can be found in this hotel. Accordingly, if you are interested in an overnight stay with the current sculptures, make a booking during this period.

For an overnight stay in a suite with corresponding sculptures, around 270 Euros are due. It should also be noted that the temperature in the cold rooms is around -5 degrees Celsius . Thus, suitable clothing should be packed to fully enjoy the visit.

Source: Icehotel via New Altas

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