In Germany, Flixbus almost completely dominates the market for long-distance bus travel. The brand is also already well represented in other European countries. Therefore, a few months ago, even the step was ventured into the United States. There, however, the company meets a well-established and well-known competitor: the legendary Greyhound Lines, which reach around 3,800 destinations in North America and carry 22 million passengers a year. From the beginning, Flixbus tried to establish itself in the USA as a supplier with modern technology and high comfort. Wi-Fi and socket outlets on the buses are just the beginning: in the future, free VR glasses will be issued to customers on some routes.

Image: Flixbus

The virtual worlds should shorten the travel time felt

They can then dive into strange worlds during the journey, sometimes try out strange sports or gain new insights in knowledge formats. Used for this is the Pico Goblin 2 VR headset from Pico Interactive. The developers there already have a lot of experience in the travel industry because they already worked together with some airlines. The idea behind the use of the glasses is the same on the road and in the air: The passengers should be entertained, so they travel as short as possible. There will be 50 different formats to choose from in the Flixbusses. A first balance sheet will be drawn after a three-month pilot phase in March.

Straight lines are an important prerequisite

A problem brings the use in the long-distance buses, however, on curvy routes, the passengers relatively quickly travel sick, if they wear the VR glasses. For the time being, these will only be offered on specially selected routes where the journey is mostly straightforward. This is especially the case for routes to and from Las Vegas. In other European countries, the group has also already experimented with VR glasses in the buses. The feedback from the customers was at least so good that now the pilot project was started in the USA. It is not yet known if a mission is planned on the German home market.

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