First hybrid Honda SUV in Europe comes in four trim levels with front and four-wheel drive. Included is a powerful electric drive motor with 184 hp / 135 kW.

The heart of the Honda CR-V Hybrid is the i-MMD drive system (intelligent multi-mode drive). It consists of two electric motors – one of which functions as a generator – an Atkinson-powered 2.0-liter gasoline engine (145 hp / 107 kW) and a lithium-ion battery. Instead of a conventional gearbox, the i-MMD technology in the CR-V Hybrid uses a fixed gear ratio between the moving components, enabling more efficient transmission of torques (eCVT).

Three Driving Modes

The propulsion is mainly the powerful electric drive motor (184 hp / 135 kW) responsible: In driving mode electric drive ("EV Drive"), it is powered by the lithium-ion battery in the mode Hybrid Drive ("Hybrid Drive"), the petrol engine drives the generator, which in turn produces electrical energy for the electric motor. In the third drive mode, the engine drive, the petrol engine takes over the drive work: a lock-up clutch then provides a direct connection to the wheels.

LED headlights

The entry-level model is the Honda CR-V Hybrid in the "Comfort" range, powered by 18-inch, front-wheel-drive alloy wheels. Here are already LED headlights and LED fog lights, a keyless entry and start system, an alarm system and Honda SENSING on board. The safety package includes a collision warning system with brake assist, an active lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition.

Prices and availability

Priced at 32.290 EUR The new Honda CR-V Hybrid rolls on 16 February 2019.

Video: Honda CR-V Hybrid


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