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Who thinks of Ford thinks probably only to cars and probably also to founder Henry Ford. That someone closes from Ford to pet accessories, but at least not to be expected, if not for the most people completely away from their own thoughts.

Ford with doghouse with Noise Canceling

Nevertheless, Ford has now shown a kennel which does not simply portray a classic doghouse. Rather, Ford has built into this kennel technologies that are otherwise used in the vehicles of the US manufacturer.

More specifically, much of the technology used is from the Ford Edge a spacious SUV that's particularly popular in the US. Among other things, this builds on a special kind of noise canceling, that is noise suppression.

Ideal for bang on New Year's Eve

What in a vehicle ensures that the interior remains nice and quiet while driving can, of course, play very different advantages with regard to the doghouse. Because in conjunction with this Noise Canceling should ensure that dogs get much more rest.

Credit: Ford

Even though this is not always necessary in all families, there are still events in the year when such a kennel can be clearly beneficial. First and foremost, this is New Year's Eve which is almost universally committed with bollards and rockets.

No information on availability

New studies show – unsurprisingly – that the noise on New Year's Eve puts many pets under immense stress, as they are usually not confronted with such a noise level. Ideally, the Ford Kennel with Noise Canceling could appear here.

If you are looking forward to ordering a Ford Kennel, you will be disappointed. For this is so far only a concept in which it is not clear whether this will ever be distributed in a commercial variant.

Source: Ford via New Atlas

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