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Unlocking smartphones with the fingerprint or alternatively with our face, has become a daily routine. The South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai wants to limit this option but not only on smartphones, but also in automobiles to use.

Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 with fingerprint scanner

More specifically, this is to happen with respect to the door lock : instead of unlocking it using a key or smartphone, it should be possible for Hyundai vehicles to do so with the fingerprint. In principle, the whole thing sounds meaningful and useful, because you could open your own car without having to search for the key in your pocket.

Credit: Hyundai

Further, this is not a distant planning of Hyundai, but a function to be used in Hyundai Santa Fe 2019 . The Santa Fe is an SUV that is also available as a Grand Santa Fe, offering seven instead of five seats in this variant.

Hyundai wants to drive development

As announced by Hyundai, in the Santa Fe 2019 it will be possible to unlock the vehicle using a fingerprint, and the ignition is connected to a fingerprint scanner . Thus, only those who are also fingerprinted in the system should be able to start the car.

Credit: Hyundai

In this way it could also be prevented that children start a vehicle by using the key or find the start-stop button. Thus, this variant could also provide advantages over keys and smartphones in terms of security .

Smart technology in use in ever more areas

If you do not want to build on the fingerprint scanner, you can continue to use the classic key for the Santa Fe 2019 as well. Even in the longer term, it is likely that Hyundai will not rely completely on a fingerprint scanner.

On the other hand, it is also to be expected that Hyundai does not want to limit the function to the Santa Fe. Rather, it can be assumed that the function will be used in other models, even if only for an additional charge.

Source: Hyundai via New Atlas

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