The tobacco industry, after many years of trial and trial, had to pay billions in fines for downplaying the danger of smoking against better knowledge. What's more, there was even an attempt to influence scientists in order to obtain studies with the desired results. Similar allegations have been raised against the oil industry for some time now. Accordingly, the managers there for decades to know that fossil fuels massively accelerate climate change. Nevertheless, this fact was partially denied, partly downplayed and partly concealed. So far, however, this reproach has not yet been proven. This could now be changed by a lawsuit in the United States. There, the oil company Exxon Mobil failed with a complaint before the Supreme Court. The Group must therefore now disclose the internal documents on climate change.

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Own Scientists are said to have already warned of global warming in 1977

Concretely, Maura Haley, Massachusetts Attorney General, filed a lawsuit against the oil company. Their allegation: The management breached consumer protection rules and knowingly misrepresented investors. To verify this allegation, local judges ordered that Exxon Mobil internal documents be submitted. By contrast, the group wanted to defend itself before the Supreme Court. The judges rejected the complaint but without further hearing. Now it will be seen if there is something in the allegations raised by, among others, the Los Angeles Times in 2015. According to him, scientists working with Exxon Mobil pointed out as early as 1977 that the greenhouse gases caused by fossil fuels are contributing to global warming. However, this knowledge was supposedly ignored for years.

Exxon Mobil now advocates a CO2 tax

Thus, the group published a full-page ad in the "New York Times" in 2000, which expressed doubts about the existence of climate change. In court, it should now be clarified whether the group therefore has to pay damages to the state and its investors. For several years, Exxon Mobil has reversed its climate change agenda. The existence is no longer denied and the company has even positioned itself as a proponent of a carbon tax. In return, however, the management hopes for immunity for cases from the past. So far it is still unclear whether the US government is prepared to enter into such a deal. The supreme court judges had to deal more often with complaints about climate change. It was only in November that they granted a number of young people the right to sue their own government.

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