Workshop on WSS, food security, poverty, growth and climate change

The links between access to WSS and food security, poverty reduction and growth- climate change

There will be discussion on different RiPPLE Growth sub-LARS: Climate change, Household Water Economy Assessments, Income Diversification algon with presentation of findings on Multiple Use Water Services case studies and Climate Change research work of ACF in Borena Zone.  Also presented are the program experiences of:

  • CRS, EoC, ECWP & World Vision on MUS & IWRM;
  • AFD program experiences on WSS & CC adaptation;
  • including policy presentation: PSNP focusing on Public Works component (basically on WS, water harvesting and small scale irrigation) as well as discussion on draft policy recommendation and establishing working group for further detail policy recommendations preparation, dissemination…  

Dates/Times: 8:30-5:30

Venue: Global Hotel, Addis Ababa

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