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Water and Sustainable development in Africa - Water and Rural Modernization

The 2nd International Conference of Eau-Afrique (Africa Water), entitled: Water and Sustainable development in Africa - Water and Rural Modernization: Case of Bateva in Gabon will hold on May 24th – 26th, 2010 in the City of the Democracy in Libreville, Gabon, under the very high patronage of the President of the Republic, Chief of State. This International Conference is organized in partnership with Eau-Afrique, the Health and Water African Foundation (HWAF), the Department of Geography of the University of Quebec in Montreal, the Centre INRS-ETE of the University of Quebec, the South-Atlantic Institute for High Sciences of Development of Gabon; in Collaboration with the Omar Bongo University/Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences and Faculty of Human Sciences/Department of Geography, the Regional centre for Environmental Risk of the Interim Commission of Current of Guinea; with the help of political structures and Government of the Gabon; Republic Presidency; Ministry of Agriculture, Breeding, Food safety and Rural development; Ministry of Trade and Promotion of Industry, in charge for NEPAD; Ministry of Forestry Economics, Water and Fishing; Ministry of Development, Public Performance, Prospective and Statistics; Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Development; the Economic and Social Council, as well as the Gabon’s Bank of Development.

This 2nd conference will focus on practical aspects likely to contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), as a follow-up to the resources acquired during the 1st International Conference.

The main objective of this 2nd International Conference is to create awareness among all organizations working in the Water Sector such as Ministries, donors, Academia, Municipalities, Civic Society, Public and Private enterprises, in the importance of developing and implementing new approaches of intervention and collaboration in the water segment, focusing on sustainable development in rural, semi-urban and urban area.

The Libreville International Water Conference will focus on linking theory and practical aspects on the field, presenting concrete projects implemented in diverse area, to show the effectiveness of some scientific approaches to finding solutions to the Africa Water Sector problems.


Venue: City of the Democracy, Libreville, Gabon

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