2009 International Conference

The Integration of Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Development, and Ecosystems in the Context of Climate Change, the Energy Crisis and Food Insecurity

Food security is a human right, and its provision is a common responsibility. Recognition of this fundamental right by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) has been marked by a progressive evolution.  After 20 years, the Global Agreement on Food Security has reiterated this common responsibility of humankind as well as the need for both moral engagement and cooperation. The World Declaration on Nutrition adopted by the 1992 International Conference on Nutrition laid out clearly problems of hunger, of malnutrition, and of nutrition-related diseases; and it highlighted the import of poverty, ignorance and lack of education as significant drivers of global hunger and malnutrition.

This Conference, as the outcome of joint efforts, is aimed at independent research organizations, universities, government agencies, policy-makers, public policy advocates, nongovernmental organizations (NGO) and corporate representatives from developing and developed countries.  All of these stakeholders are interested in looking critically at the ways in which research is - and can be - used to create change worldwide. This Scientific Meeting will endeavor not only to share research results, but also to identify future research prospects, challenges, issues and concerns. Moreover, the organizers of this Meeting would like to generate innovative thinking in agricultural and rural development and to identify elements of a longer term research agenda to fill critical gaps in knowledge on these issues—through rigorous, defensible data collection, analysis interpretation and communication. They also would like to develop research projects and networks in these fields involving researchers from both developed and developing countries: believing that partnerships among researchers are critical components of any meaningful effort to develop synergistic research and change agendas.

At the heart of these intellectual concerns there is also the expectation of accomplishing a high visibility scientific event that will share knowledge, skills and successful experiences, while proposing new ways for concrete actions and strategies associated with any policy of sustainable agriculture and rural development. The Conference will provide an opportunity for participants to identify obstacles and constraints across specific regions of the world, and from lessons learned and best practices shared. As the remit of the Conference is global, experiences and issues from any part of the world are welcome.


Venue: Anezi Hotel, Agadir, Morocco

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