World Water Forum 5

"Bridging Divides for Water"

Building on the success of the 4th World Water Forum held in Mexico City last March, which boasted over 15,000 visitors from every continent, Istanbul was selected as the host of the Forum from six possible candidates following an extensive process. With a history rich in water resources, culture and technology, Turkey presented a very strong candidature, especially due to the tri-partite cooperation established between the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Officials from the DSI and from the WWC gathered in Ankara on 18 January 2007 to sign the official Letter of Agreement.

Visit conference website for more details on the fifth World Water Forum: Istanbul 2009

Dates/Times: 15th-22nd March, 2009

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey 2009

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