Already in 1966, the Soviet space probe Luna 9 made the first gentle landing on the moon. Three years later, the United States even brought astronauts to Earth's moon. All of this took place on the visible part of the Moon from the Earth – while the back remained largely unexplored. This was not least because missions to the other side are subject to additional technical difficulties. Thus, the surface of the celestial body there is much more rugged. In addition, direct communication with the spacecraft is no longer possible once it has disappeared behind the moon. Nevertheless, China has now managed to land a spacecraft on the back of the Earth's moon for the first time with the Chang'e 4.

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Communication takes place via its own satellite

The first concrete steps were taken in May of last year. At that time, the transmission satellite Queqiao was stationed in space. It now works like a band and passes the signals so that you can communicate around the corner. Finally, on the 8th of December, the actual spacecraft for landing on the moon was launched. Four days later, the planned orbit was reached before the landing was successful. In a next step, a robot vehicle will now begin to analyze the soil and the structures around the landing point. In addition, the space probe should listen into space. The researchers hope that certain signals can be better captured without the disturbing earth's atmosphere.

German research projects are also involved

German scientists from Kiel were also allowed to send a radiation meter to the back of the moon. The data obtained will help in the planning of a human colony on the moon. For the same reason seed is also on board: It should be examined whether there the cultivation of vegetables in a closed system is possible. The Chinese leadership has ambitious space plans for the years to come. Thus, by 2021, the most powerful reusable launcher in the world will be presented. Nine years later, the first Chinese moon landing with astronauts on board is planned. In addition, a Chinese space station is to be established and flights to Mars are planned.

Via: CNN

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