As long as the roads are well developed, goods and people can be transported most flexibly by car. In many emerging and developing countries, there are also areas that are difficult to reach, even for specialized vehicles. The situation becomes even more critical in the case of natural disasters. Often the few streets are then blocked, so that the care of the survivors must be organized by the airway consuming. The Korean car maker Hyundai has therefore launched the project Elevate. The goal: to develop a car that has stilts and can easily climb over obstacles. With the Hyundai Cradle, a corresponding concept vehicle was presented for the first time.

Picture: Hyundai

Even smaller rivers can be overcome

In normal mode, the car does not differ fundamentally from the classic version: it drives on four wheels and is even fast enough to be on the highway. However, the wheels are suspended on telescopic stilts. These can be deployed in rough terrain and allow for easier driving. But it is also possible to put the tires down and walk on their feet. This allows the vehicle to wade through smaller rivers without the electronics getting wet. Even obstacles such as fallen trees or rocks lying in the way can be easily overcome. Finally, once again a route without obstacles has been reached, the ride can continue on four wheels.

The project is still in its infancy

These are each driven by electric motors in the wheel hub. Even apart from catastrophic scenarios, the characteristics of the vehicle can be meaningfully used. This allows the vehicle to climb stairs, thus making the life of taxi drivers easier. In addition to Hyundai, the Detroit design studio Sundberg-Ferar was involved in the development of the concept vehicle. But still the project Elevate is in its infancy. So it is still unclear whether the concept will actually develop into a finished product. Interesting is the approach but always. Other companies have also been thinking about how to transport goods to remote and hard-to-reach areas, such as using drones or robots.

Via: Fortune

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